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  • Sa. december 1st
    Big activity in the park. One team of "sewers" was very busy to cut the new arrival of oak to the specified dimensions; another team was occupied with the reorganisation of the Halloween attributes;  all of this while a third team was preparing the layout for the new track between the gray and the red bridge. On this layout will be poured concrete and later on the new "model"rails. Luckily the catering-service went on and off with warm snacks.... Dré Lemmes made the pictures.

  • We. october 31st
    It was Halloween again...

  • sa. 6 oktober
    Hard labour on this first "winter-work-afternoon" : electric cooking device installed for later culinary activities, wheel flanges were welded and pre-turned, rail (model profile) was made to a length of 9 meter, engines were cleaned, planning of the new Saint Andrews crossings were prepared, plans for the new steel bridge were made and meanwhile we enjoyed coffee, cakes, croquettes and chicken fingers... njam njam. What will be on the menu next week will be a secret but it will be served in a small tray !

  • th. 27 september
    One of our members (JP) made a device to weld thin flanges of wheels, c how it works on Youtube

    worn wheel flanges            -           welded wheel flanges     -        prepared wheel

    the  "device" :

  • sa. 25 augustus
    Some members (Sus, Armand, Mattias, Wilfred, Bauke en Kees) made a visit to the Open Day at Radingspoor (Hollandse Rading, NL. family De Vries made the visual report :

  • sa. 4 augustus
    A delegation of the stOOmgroep (Dani, Cor & Ria, Luc & Mieke, Marc & Chris, Lor & Jenny, Jan & Hilde & Tim) were at the "Big Driving Day" at Kerkwerve (NL) (pictures : Chris Moyaert)


  • Thu. 19 & Fr. 22 june
    traditional free rides (16th time) for schoolkids were a great succes with lovely weather.

  • Sa. & Su. 9 & 10 june
    We got a visit from a crew of the U.K. They wanted to do some running on our track. Fun !

  • Mo. 28/05
    Everyone remembers the Flodder family from the movies with grandpa in his wheelchair... ?rolstoel... ? maybe there will be a remake with a well-know grandpa Flodder :

  • Sa.28/4 - Mo.30/4
    Some of our members (Cor & Ria, Jan & Hilde & Tim & Jozef, Lor & Jenny, Richard, Harry, Dani) ware present at the 37th steamdays of our sister club SWZ at The Hague. Here some pictures : protection of boogie wheels and a lovely sunset at Scheveningen :

  • Su. 23/04
    Jean-Paul and Dani ware guests at Mönchengladbach at the LGB Freunde Rhein/Sieg. They have a splendid protected room there, have a look...

  • Sa. 14/04
    HLovely weather and one of our visitors send us these pictures. William Sergeys, visited the park with his son.

  • 13/04
    We hear about the sudden death of Rob Sauerbier.
    We have many good memories of Rob. The family will miss him, so will we.
    We live with the family and wish them strength in these sad days.


  • 8/9 april
    The Easter weekend was marred by a reckless intrusion into our buildings. The morning of Easter Monday, we were cautioned that there had been a burglery. We alerted the police and went on the spot. It appeared that an attempt to open door of the canteen and had failed, after which the burglars entered at the door the workhouse. There they finally unfolded the top panel of the door (probably) with much time and effort. It was only when we were alowed inside by the police that we could notice the mess. All cabinets broken open, the sliding door smashed, the flatscreen TV and DVD player away... For the rest, a lot of food and drinks away. The thieves left a business card : "The gang of Vosselaar".

  • Su. 18 maart
    With some members we visited de spring summerdays at Loon-op-Zand.

  • 04/02
    Of course it was a 'working' day : putting washers on the screws, putting bended plates on the screws with the washers, putting the plates with the screws with washers in the holes of the oak sleepers, making a drill template etc...
    But the highlight of the day was certainly, no doubt, the meal with the black pudding, presented by Luc De Vlieger. What it will be next week, we keep that as a secret. So come and see, there will be plenty for everyone !

  • 21/01
    On the one hand 'big stuff' was used to get some pipes under the earth, and on the other hand the last curve of the new track was connected with great precision.

  • januaryi 2012
    It happened : the first meters of 'new' track :

    above on the first picture : left the new 'profile' rail on oak sleepers, on the right the old 'flat steel' rail. And some detailed pictures.

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